Step 1: Find a flexible measuring tape or rope that you can use to wrap around your pupper's neck.

Step 2: With your pupper standing, place the measuring tape snug against your pupper's neck with 1-2 fingers placed between the measuring tape and their neck.

Step 3: With your finger marking the circumference just measured, place the measuring tape around your pupper's neck again to check the size is snug.

Step 4: Order that size or contact us for support!

SnazzyPupper measurement guide

Size Width Neck Circumference
XS 2.0cm 28cm - 40cm/11" - 15"
S 2.5cm 35cm - 43cm/13" - 16"
M 2.5cm 40cm - 48cm/16" - 18"
L 2.5cm 45cm - 52cm/18" - 20"
XL 2.5cm 52cm - 60cm/20" - 23"